Primarily funded by angel investors, we have made significant inroads in bringing the Hypoestoxide drug to market, but we still have a ways to go. 


What we've done thus far...


Completion of efficacy studies to successfully establish Hypoestoxide's effectiveness in combating Cancer, Inflammation, and specific Viral and Parasitic infections.



Preliminary Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, Toxicology & Pharmacokinetics (ADMET & PK) studies conducted in two species (Dogs, Rats) to successfully establish lack of toxicity.



Analytical Method Development (AMD) enabling medical laboratories to detect and assess how much of the drug is in blood circulation after administration.

Isolation and purification

Ability to isolate and purify Hypoestoxide from the API of the Hypoestes rose plant to more than 99% purity.                                                                                          


Domestication + Propagation

Ability to successfully domesticate and propagate the Hypoestes rosea plant in a greenhouse setting. 



Large Scale Production

Ability to produce and manufacture large quantities of Hypoestoxide in a manufacturing plant facility setting.