We are actively seeking investors to help bring these life-saving drugs to market. 


What we are seeking

We have completed three* of the four FDA requirements to get our drug certified and approved as an Investigational New Drug. We are seeking investment funding to get to the last and most expensive stage of FDA Pre-Clinical development: (ADMET & PK—Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, Toxicology, & Pharmacokinetics of the drug in the body). 

*The three FDA stages we've already completed:
1. Analytical Method Development
2. Efficacy 
3. Large -Scale Process Development


Our ultimate goal

Completing this stage takes approximately 24-30 months, and our ultimate goal is to out-license the drug for Cancer and Inflammation to a large U.S. Pharmaceutical buyer, which could yield in the hundreds of Millions. We plan to maintain ownership of the Malaria indication to independently manufacture and distribute the drug ourselves, ensuring it is made readily available and affordable to those afflicted in the developing world.


A few stats  

Over 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, 33 million cases with all forms of Anti-Inflammatory diseases per year and 300-400 million cases with Malaria worldwide. These disease areas pose a worldwide problem which may be solved by Hypoestoxide. The total addressable market for anti-melanoma and anti-colon cancer are $14 billion, anti-inflammation is $44 billion and anti-malaria is $8 billion. Hypoestoxide has the potential to radically alter the healthcare landscape worldwide.


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